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Bug - Last move not counted? Sun, 06 January 2013 03:15
Hi all,

Playing TTR on my iPad via Bluetooth on local game (awesome BTW). I was down to four trains, built two triggering last round. Built two more to end the game and finish my last route. I ended up with nine completed routes, one not. The game, however, said I had two incomplete routes. Interestingly when I click on the red card with the two in it to see the incomplete routes it shows my truly incomplete one in red and my (actually complete) route in green! Yet I was scored as though both were incomplete and hence lost!

Anyone else had this bug?

See screen shot below ostensibly showing my incomplete routes...



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Re:Bug - Last move not counted? Sat, 12 January 2013 00:28
I see two things.

1) I noticed Boston is not light up green due to the KC-Boston card.
2) Of course, if you got the scoring screen snapshot to verify the fact that KC-Boston didn't score that would have helped. Alas that is now gone and no way to recover.

The best you can do is to use the contact us page here on the DoW web site. (link below here)


You will be asked various questions (which online game on which system tablet, etc). Got thru the various prompts/questions and it will ask to input your information.

Mention what I said above in your reply and include the screenshot as well in the contact. (I believe you can attach one - if memory serves). If you CANNOT attach it, mention in your reply that you do have one that you like to submit and submit it when DoW replies back.

I think the fact that Boston isn't green might have caused the scoring issue. But usually the program is pretty good at catching those so maybe it was a very odd "quirk"

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