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March 2013
Will Alvin and Dexter be reprinted? Wed, 13 March 2013 01:04
I recently discovered Ticket To Ride and am picking up some expansions, I have become interested in the Alvin and Dexter Expansion but it seems to be sold out everywhere. Ebay and 3rd party Amazon prices are crazy ($70-$100). Will this be reprinted again or am I stuck paying those prices if I really want it?
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Re:Will Alvin and Dexter be reprinted? Fri, 12 April 2013 11:23
Days Of Wonder tweeted on April, 11th:


Alvin & Dexter #TickettoRide Monster Exp. is in-stock again in N.American stores http://www.daysofwonder.com/tickettoride/alvin-dexter/ http://pic.twitter.com/CCSurQwoGa
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