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Stonehedge and Historian Sat, 04 May 2013 09:34
So just finished a game and we had to rule on this at the table. We were playing with relics and places on the overworld map. I'm curious what the consensus is on this.

So stonehedge gets historian as a power, and the player who discovered it collected a token for the only in decline race in play, the lost tribe. The next player conquers stonehedge from the first player, and here is where the confusion comes in.

Does the player that conquers stonehedge now get the coins as if he just picked historian from the list of races, or does that only trigger for the first player to find stonehedge?

We played it as the former, so every time stonehedge changed hands the attacker ended up getting bonus coins for historian as soon as he conquered it. It wasn't an amazing swing in points, but it made stonehedge worth going after.

EDIT: So I checked the official FAQ, and the ruling for wealthy+stonehedge seems similar to what I ran into. I'm guessing the way we should have played it would have been to only give a player points for picking historian the first time he conquered stonehedge, and anytime after that he can only score points if he is still holding stonehedge while a player goes into decline. We were giving points for picking historian every time a player conquered stonehedge, even if he had already done so before and lost it.

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