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Saint-Aignan de Cramesnil (#4588) - Historical error? Sun, 14 July 2013 06:58
The historical background for the scenario Saint-Aignan de Cramesnil describes the Allied tanks as being from the British 1st Northamptonshire Yeomanry, and even names Joe Ekins as the man who was believed to have destroyed Wittmann's Tiger.

But in the briefing, the Allied player is Canada. And the position of the Allied figures looks like they're where the Sherbrooke Fusiliers were, who more probably killed Wittmann: south of the Tigers, as the Historical Background describes (the 1NY were north, in an orchard near St. Aignan), and west of Route Nationale 158, across the highway from the Tigers (who are leaving Cintheaux parallel to RN158 with Wittmann in the lead, or near enough). I guess those village tiles closest to the Allied side could be Gaumesnil, where the Canadians were waiting.

Did the scenario background mix up the British 1st Northamptonshire Yeomnary and Canadian Sherbrooke Fusiliers? Or is the Allied player actually supposed to be the British (making those village tiles on the Allied side St. Aignan, but putting Cintheaux on the wrong side and the Tigers heading in the wrong direction)?
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