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  SW2 Amazons AI bug Sat, 14 September 2013 15:29

I was playing a solo game against 2 AI opponents today. One of the bots choose "Merchant Amazons" in his first turn, and after several rounds, he lost all his tokens except the extra 4 (attack-only ones). In the following rounds, he kept playing those extra 4 tokens and then taking them back from the map before ending his turn (because they are attack-only), resulting in 0 coins earned. He never went into decline and ended up completing game with only 33 coins, because he gained 0 coins in the last 5-6 turns.

Here's a screenshot of that game, just before the AI ends his turn and gets 0 coins again.

Btw, the AI in SW2 seems to be worse than SW1. I'm by no means an expert player, and was losing most of the time to SW1's AI. In SW2 on the other hand, I'm winning %90 of the time.

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April 2013
Re:SW2 Amazons AI bug Fri, 11 October 2013 01:20
I saw the exact same behavior with the AI and Merchant Amazons.

In my game there were always 2 free spaces next to each other so the AI was always able to play their 4 tokens and then took them all back for 0 points.
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