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SW2: Issues with HORDES and SHRUBMEN Thu, 26 September 2013 10:32
I've got 2 problems to report, as the title suggests.

1) Hordes of, as a power is just plain difficult to use. Why? Because if you go in decline with only a Horde token on the region, you lose the region (because the power does not persist in decline.) Fine, so I just need to make sure I put the Hordes tokens in harm's way, and they will be dead long before I decline, right? Nope, and whenever you gather tokens at the beginnning of your turn it seems the Hordes tokens are glued to the board. If you try to pick it up and put down a race token in its place--oops! you've just abandoned the region!

2) Try Hordes of Shrubmen. When you do, if you move the Horde token from a Forest region during redeployment it becomes available for conquest, even if you still have a Shrubman token on it. Not cool. I have a screen capture of this if anybody wants to see it. (I wish we could directly upload pics in these forums.) The good news is, if nobody conquers that Forest region, and it is still there when you go in decline, it seems to flip the switch back to "You Shall Not Pass!" when you decline.

Anybody else having problems with Hordes of- and some other race?
Am I the only one with susceptible Shrubmen?
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