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  The Art of Small World - Amazing 3D figures come to life Tue, 12 November 2013 15:38
Sometimes you just need a little patience...

Over a year ago the Days of Wonder game development team was hidden away (in the cold, dark, Dwarf cavern we keep them in), secretly playing around with some new 3D print technology.

After a few weeks, they emerged and in their hands they carried a couple of very cool, highly-detailed figures of Small World characters. The rest of us immediately fell to our knees and cried, "I want! I want! I want!"

We couldn't really think of a good reason to make them. They weren't useful in playing the game; they would be ridiculously expensive to make; and we really didn't know if anyone else would want them - but they were just so darn cool.

We first thought we might include them as a high-end reward in our Small World 2 Kickstarter campaign, but we didn't have any idea how to painstakingly produce more than one or two.

So, we persisted in silence... and finally found a great supplier who was really able to bring some of our favorite Small World characters to life! And what you see here is the amazing result...

Building and hand-painting the Amazon, Wizard, Skeleton, and Spiderine figures was not easy, but we have now secured a very limited quantity. They will be available exclusively from the Days of Wonder web store, with only 300 of each figure available in Europe and another 300 of each in the US. We will take a few of those to BGG.CON in Dallas later this month.

Each figure is priced at $100/¤75. And for those of you who must have them all, we've got a special offer - Buy 3 figures and the 4th one is free!

Having had a chance to hold these in hand, we are confident the quality of sculpting and level of hand-painted detailing will blow you away. And once you get your very own, you'll see just how special these Small World Figures are.

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    Re:The Art of Small World - Amazing 3D figures come to life Tue, 26 November 2013 16:09
    I just got mine (all four of them).
    They are just AMAZING !!!
    Thanks DoW.
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