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M44 Editor - Troubles with Windows 8? Thu, 05 December 2013 00:00
I was just trying to reprint a scenario with the M44 Editor, and instead of the scenario title and the headlines like "Historical Background", "Briefing", "Conditions of Victory" and "Special Rules", I only got an illegible, jumbled mess of letters and symbols. The other text and the map itself were unchanged. Could this have something to do with my recent change to a new PC with Windows 8? Has anyone experienced a similar phenomenon?
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Re:M44 Editor - Troubles with Windows 8? Thu, 05 December 2013 02:05
Probably your windows8 doesn't know the font the editor uses for those titles.
If someone can tell you what font it is, you'll have to find it online and install it. Then it will work again.
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