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Major Duncan

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July 2004
A few flavour house rules Wed, 27 November 2013 11:57
I played M44 alot when it first came out, but I haven't touched it for a long time. I have just received a load of expansions from DoW, and I come up with the following house rules to add some extra flavour, mainly to the early war battles:

1) Cavalry - If a friendly cavalry unit performs an overrun combat, mark it with a Battle Star Token. Remove the token at the end of your opponents' turn. While marked with the token, all enemy fire counts stars as hits

Rational: This represents the increased vulnerability of cavalry when operating in an extended mounted mode i.e. charging/pursuit.

2) Machine Gun only tanks - Many armoured vehicles of WW2, especially very early on, were armed only with MG's or very small (20mm) guns. These tanks fire on armoured targets with -1 battle dice.

Use these rules whenever you feel it is appropriate. I will certainly apply it to all the German tanks of the Polish campaign. Nearly 90% were Panzer Mk's I and II.

3) Stukas (non-air rule games) - In the early war the effect of stukas on the allies was devastating. When blitz rules are in use, any air attack resulting from the play of an air power card is considered a Stuka attack. A Stuka attack rolls two dice against each enemy unit. Air attacks resulting from the play of a Recon 1 card attack with one dice (strafing and level bombers).

4) French command difficulties - Use this rule in May 1940 games only. Assign the German player a number of 'Command difficulty' tokens considered appropriate to the scenario (use any marker). Maybe two 10-20 May and 1 21-31 May? Whenever the French player plays a command card (not ambush), the German player may play a 'Command Difficulty' token. The French player then rolls a dice.

Flag = The order is lost. Discard the card, draw a new card and play proceeds with the German turn.
Star = The order is carried out as normal.
Other = Order one unit anywhere on the board matching the symbol rolled. A Grenade means any unit.

Alternatively use the Russian command rules, but call the Commissar chip the GQH chip.

Rationale - Reading about this campaign has revealed that early on in the campaign the French struggled to launch their attacks against the Meuse bridgeheads and then against the 'Panzer corridor'. Orders were frequently issued for quite grand attacks, but for whatever reason, they often were not carried out in time, or if they were, only a fraction of the assigned units actually launched the attack.

5) French tanks - French tanks in 1940 battle with -1 dice if they move.

Rationale - The French, despite a superiority in numbers and quality of tanks compared to the Germans, were never really able to make this count. French tanks suffered from a lack of radios and one man turrets, where the commander had to treble up as gun loader, firer and tank leader.

This rule could also be applied to Italian tanks, where the lack of radios and a two man turret, where the commander doubled up as the gunner, left them at a disadvantage against their British counterparts.

6) Infantry bug out - Use this rule whenever you feel it is appropriate to infantry in a particular scenario.

When an infantry unit retreats out of its original hex, distance is irrelevant, it must roll one battle dice and on an infantry symbol will suffer one casualty in addition to any other losses received as a result of the attack. If the unit remains in its original hex it does not suffer from this rule. Units that should retreat, but can't due to blocking units and/or terrain, are not affected by this rule, but would take casualties in accordance with the standard retreat rules.

The possible additional loss is not representing extra casualties, but the melting away of troops who have thrown away their weapons and are fleeing in panic.

7) Finnish Ski troops - Polish Dragoons are an elite form of cavalry. I wanted to make Finnish Ski Troops an elite form of Ski Troops. I wanted to represent their 'Sisu', and their ability to utilize their home winter terrain.

Finnish Ski troops battle with 4 dice in close assault. They still battle with 2 dice at 2 hex range. They may obtain the camoflage ability if they do not battle when ordered. All Finnish Ski Troops begin a scenario with camouflage. Alternatively, instead of camouflage, give them the concealment ability below. Concealment is obtained in the same way, and is lost just like camouflage i.e. the unit moves or battles.

Concealment: All units battling against a concealed units count grenades as misses.

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Major Duncan

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July 2004
Re:A few flavour house rules Fri, 06 December 2013 18:04
I have made quite a few changes to these.

I have seriously toned down my cavalry rule and made it much simpler.

I have added rules for Finnish Ski troops. The Polish Dragoons are an elite form of cavalry with extra attack dice and they may ignore a flag. I thought the Finns should be an elite form of Ski Troops and have given them some extra firepower and camoflage.

I have simplified the Machine Gun only tank rule, which has meant that the Btitish tanks rule has gone.

I have also toned down the Bug Out rules but have still kept to the original spirit.

Instead of my Command Difficulties rule for the French you could alternatively just use the Russian Command Rules.

[Updated on: Fri, 06 December 2013 19:09]

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Railway Tycoon

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Re:A few flavour house rules Fri, 06 December 2013 21:32
You probably already know this, but there are official rules for a lot of these things...that work quite well, in my opinion.

Of course making the game your own is always fun. Cool
Major Duncan

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July 2004
Re:A few flavour house rules Mon, 09 December 2013 16:16
rasmussen81 wrote on Fri, 06 December 2013 20:32

You probably already know this, but there are official rules for a lot of these things...that work quite well, in my opinion.

Of course making the game your own is always fun. Cool

No, I wasn't aware. Where can I find them please?
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