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April 2013
  Dear Days of Wonder, why do you want me to pay double for Small World 2? Fri, 13 December 2013 10:57
Seriously, Days of Wonder, what are you doing?

If I sound upset, it is because I am.

I am a kickstarter of this project. Yesterday I got an e-mail that I can download my APK and the game. This was a truly great news for me. I did not see the game up in Google Play yet, so I downloaded the APK and installed it.

I was a little disappointed to see that after installing, I did have the Royal Bonus expansion, but did not have any of the other expansions. As someone who has bought every single thing you've released for Small World - worth of hundreds of Euros - I felt you're milking a loyal customer.

But alright, I decided to go ahead and purchase the expansions as well, 8 EUR.

Then the game showed up on Google Play, but it did not show that I owned the game - despite being promised by you that I would. Which is very bad, as I use Google Play to back up my application data and other features, when switching devices. I see it priced another 8 EUR.

I was quite disappointed again (see the pattern?). I kickstarted this project, yet I do not get what people will get who did not kickstart. For my kickstarter payment I get a hack version of Small World and not one that will get updates from Google Play and already had to pay 8 EUR for the expansions.

Knowing that Google Play version will get a lot more attention and frequent updates - with a much larger userbase - I decided that alright, I will pay that 8 EUR to get Google Play support. I paid you another 8 EUR.

After installing, I'm thinking that great! Done. Now I have spent 16 EUR on top of my earlier Kickstarter payments, but at least I now have supported Android Google Play version of Small World 2.



Guess what comes next? Disappointment #3.

Apparently Google Play version does not use your Days of Wonder expansion purchases. The 8 EUR I used to buy expansions for the hack APK version of the game, DO NOT WORK FOR GOOGLE PLAY. None of my purchases show up, neither does the 'restore purchases' icon which did exist in the hack APK version.


So, as a kickstarter supporter (where I backed you for 22 EUR) that helped you get your game released on Android, I have to end up paying 46 EUR to get a Google Play supported version of the project!?

What the hell, Days of Wonder!?

[Updated on: Fri, 13 December 2013 11:02]

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April 2013
Re:Dear Days of Wonder, why do you want me to pay double for Small World 2? Fri, 13 December 2013 12:20
Days of Wonder contacted me, apologized for the situation and while there's no real remedy, they're at least refunding my web purchases of expansions. I'll still be playing extra to get the Google Play edition, but at least this cuts down 50% of the trouble.
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