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M44 scenario Editor issues? Fri, 27 December 2013 23:50
Ive made some scenarios but how to play test them without sending them (at a cost) to M44 site??
AND...how do you remove scenarios from the M44 site?

Thanks in advance.
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Re:M44 scenario Editor issues? Sat, 28 December 2013 03:16
We've put together a wiki for the Editor which is a how-to for using the editor.

Here's a summary that may answer your questions.

You can save your scenarios to
(1) your computer, or
(2) Days of Wonder website, the latter case you get a number for that scenario.

If you saved it online(2) and
(A) "private" then no one else can see it, or
(B) "public" then others can see it, until you save it online again in "private".

For the public games(2B), if you
(+) click on the box for the Online game, then people in M'44 Online can pay 3 credits to try to play it (please make sure rules are there and it works).
(-) unclick the box or leave it blank, then it is unavailable for others to play online.

You can test your scenario online against Johnny/Herman in (2A +/-) or (2B +/-). It will cost you 2 credits to play Johnny/Herman to conclusion. But if you quit against Johnny/Herman you soon get your credits back and it shouldn't cost you honor.

You can delete your private and public scenarios. If people have posted After-Action Reports I advise against deleting it or they will lose their records. You can always save changes under another name or version number.

Once you've set it for Online play (and it works) and others have played it, I advise you do not delete it since that will remove other player's Replay and records. I removed my Gold Beach version when D.O.W. posted it in the official scenarios for M'44 Online, so I inadvertently removed the replay and records for those of us who played my version. You can unclick the box, in which case people still have their records but can't play it Online from then on.

[Updated on: Sat, 28 December 2013 03:24]

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