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May 2009
  Variation Ideas Sun, 17 May 2009 20:33
A few days after I bought Smallworld, I found out that another in my gaming group had also bought Smallworld. With two copies at our disposal, we were wondering about ways to combine the two games.

The first, very simple, idea was to use two maps instead of one and to combine the race tokens from each box (e.g. start with 20 Amazons instead of 10). This just takes the regular game and makes it twice as big. We haven't tried it, but I'm concerned about the game mechanics with double the map size and double the race tokens. More than that, it doesn't change the fundamental game. Why bother with a game that's twice as big if it doesn't do anything special? We tabled the "Bigworld" idea and moved on.

The rest of our ideas were based around a duel worlds theme: parallel universes, overworld and underworld, light world and dark world, etc. In an overworld/underworld scenario, we could play the regular game on the overworld, but when a race token would normally be sent to the tray, it instead becomes available on the underworld map. The underworld could have its own battles and only when killed from this map is the piece sent to the tray. We were also talking about having a Summoner race or power so that underworld tokens could be brought back to the overworld.

We haven't really thought at all about the mechanics or what would work well. Has anyone else thought along these lines? We think that there's the potential to have a lot of fun with two copies of the game, but we're not sure about how to make it work. Thoughts? Ideas?
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May 2009
Re:Variation Ideas Fri, 26 June 2009 17:40
Nice ideas, but i love this game because it's simply. I can teach it easily (I have a special "Learning Campaign :)"), and play with a new team.
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March 2012
Re:Variation Ideas Sun, 29 December 2013 07:12
I like this idea. It reminds me of the TV mini-series "River World". When you die, you just show up there.
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January 2014
Re:Variation Ideas Sun, 19 January 2014 09:17
This sounds good. I directly got the player cart, to look how it would work whit different races and special powers. I found a few problems (or things that I didn't understood):

- Amazons: Where may you use the extra attack tokens, or do you get four for the overworld and four for the underworld?
- Elves: Would they never go to the underworld?
- Halflings: Would they only have there bonus in the overworld?
- Skeletons: If I have conquered one region in the opperworld and one in the underworld, where would the extra skelleton go? Or wouldn't I get any?
- Sorcerers: Can they use there power twice, once in the overworld and once in the underworld, or only once?
- Algemist: Do you get two or four extra coins per turn?
- Bivouacking: Where may you use your camps? Or may you use five in the overworld and five in the underworld?
- Dipomatic: Do the under- and overworld variants of a race count as one race? Or do the under- and overworld count apart, whit two races that can't attack you (one in the overworld and one in the underworld)?
- Dragonmaster: Where may you use the dragon? Or do you get two (One for the underworld and one for the overworld)?
- Heroic: Do you get two or four hero's?
- Rich: Do you get seven or fourteen extra coins?
- Fortefied: Where may you use your forts? And how many of them may you place per turn? And how many may you use (in total)?
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