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2014 Tournament Calendar Sun, 29 December 2013 21:37
Here's the final version of the calendar for the upcoming year.


Last year, we :
  • Focused on promoting alternative maps : by creating the Fusion Cup, the Asia Map championship and the Multi Euro Championship
  • Increased the participation to every single-player KO-tournaments
  • Increased the participation to the Nations Cup
  • Introduced successfully the perceived rankings to seed team tournaments.
  • Introduced the tournament ELO rankings to promote competitive matches over the DoW rankings.
  • Designed a new tickipedia main page !

    The main objective for this year is to promote higher-level competition.

    Several ways to reach that goal :
  • Renovate, promote the New League and increase its turnout. 2014's will be a trial edition.
  • Promote TELO as the new reference for competitive rankings
  • Use TELO to seed individual tournaments
  • Maintain the level of participation to Fusion/NC and to the single-player tournaments.
  • Create the MVP tournament at the end of the year. It would look like a Final Four gathering the League winner, the SPWC winner and the TELO ranking leader. 4th spot to be determinded (2 valuable options : 2nd of the League, or 2nd in the Telo-Ranking).

    Any information about the tournaments (explanations, dates, tournament directors) can be found >>HERE<< on tickipedia.

    Every tournament match (or games when relevant) counts for the Tournament ELO Ranking that can be found
    TELO ranking will now be used to seed any individual tournaments.

    Note : we are discussing a possible new format for multi-player tournaments to make it more flexible and easier to implement.

    Any contribution, any suggestion, any improvement, any comment ? Please post at the following link :

    Thanks to all contributors in the forum, TDs, players who all make those tournaments exciting and this community fun and alive.

    And a last thanks to Elric, DN and Knockando, (among others) for keeping >>Tickipedia<< alive !

    Have fun,

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    T2R Nation Cup 2014 Winner

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    December 2007
    Re:2014 Tournament Calendar Sat, 11 January 2014 00:28
    Dandee will organize again a Multi Euro tournament over the summer, it is now included in the updated calendar.

    Thanks Dan !


    [Updated on: Sat, 11 January 2014 00:30]

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