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October 2010
Match does'nt start - Android - Lenovo Yoga Wed, 22 January 2014 19:47
Hey folks,

I just tried my copy of ttr on my new android deviece, Lenovo Yoga 10". The App starts proper, I can choose the matchup but the map doesn't load so the game can't start, instead there's a "loading" message.

Is there any fix available?

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April 2014
Re:Match does'nt start - Android - Lenovo Yoga Fri, 11 April 2014 01:38
i have the same problem,
instalation of a new tablet (prestigio multipad4 diamond 7.85, android 4.2.2), first application in device
restart or reinstallation did not help

download from
and I put in the settings login

any help?
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November 2008
Re:Match does'nt start - Android - Lenovo Yoga Sun, 04 May 2014 05:10
I have a Lenovo IdeaTab S6000, and I have the same problem.

(I get the, "Ticket to Ride is preparing your game. Please wait." However, the status bar advances quickly to about 67% and then freezes.)

I sent an e-mail to DoW's android support, but have yet to receive a reply. After a week of silence I sent a second query. Still no response.

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