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  Release Notes of the 1/29 upgrade on Steam Wed, 29 January 2014 19:49
Dear Small World 2 players on Steam,

We are pleased to deliver a new upgrade to the community.

The main feature of this upgrade is the Macintosh version of the game on Steam. Be prepared to play fierce battles against all these new Mac users! As you know, all versions of Small World are fully cross-platform compatible when playing Online and Local games, whether you play on a PC, an iPad, an Android tablet, a Kindle and now, on a Mac.

The Mac version is provided under the "Steam Play" system, which means that if you've already purchased Small World 2 for Steam on your Windows machine you can download the Mac version from your Steam account for free - and vice versa.

We also introduced a few little goodies for our PC (and of course, Mac) users:

- New "pick-and-drop" user interface for dropping your tokens on the map. Instead of always being forced to drag-and-drop your tokens from your hand at the bottom of the screen onto the regions you want to conquer, you can now pick your entire token pile with a single click. The entire pile will "stick" to your mouse cursor. You can then click on each region you want to conquer, one after the other: the number of necessary tokens for each conquest will be "dropped" automatically. You will find this new interface very efficient!
There are still some cases where you may need to grab another token (like the Dragon or the Sorcerers' magic wand) in the middle of a Conquest phase. In that case, simply click back in your hand - whatever race tokens you still had under your mouse cursor will be put back in your hand and you will now be able to pick the other token.

- Additional improvements for desktop users. We did a few additional improvements to make your life easier when playing Small World on a desktop computer. For example, we reduced the size of chat boxes when playing online games, and added a close box to indicate how to close them. We also added "tooltips" everywhere in the game: when you are unsure about what a button does, leave your mouse over it for a short moment and a small balloon will appear with some help text. The Full Screen mode can be activated by using Alt-Enter on the PC or Cmd-F on the Mac. Use these keys or the Escape key to revert back to Windowed mode.

What happens next?

The Small World 2 adventure is not over! Our development team is busy coding new improvements (we have a long list, thanks to everyone's feedback), fixing bugs, and developing new features - yes, you heard it, big improvements are on the drawing board.

As always with software development, it is difficult to predict what you will get, in which order and when, but be assured that everyone in the team is working hard on Small World 2, and that we think you will be happy at the results.

One thing we would like to try and do a bit differently, this time around, is run our ideas by all of you for feedback ahead of our final implementation. This doesn't mean our development of the next version of Small World will turn into some sort of "design by committee"; but it does mean we'll be looking for constructive feedback and brilliant suggestions, within the scope of our development resources Smile

Some time during the next few weeks, we will share with you our ideas for improving the Online part of Small World 2 in a major way. Assuming things work out, we then plan on doing a wide-open beta on Steam, once this feature is up and running.. Interested? Simply stay tuned on this forum for future news.

As usual, we thank you for your support.

Have fun with the game!

The Days of Wonder development team

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Re:Release Notes of the 1/29 upgrade on Steam Thu, 30 January 2014 09:28
So there's still hope for a linux release?
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Re:Release Notes of the 1/29 upgrade on Steam Thu, 30 January 2014 13:25
Thank you very much for the information.

As a side note, there is a Small World 2 forum with a Small World - The Software category for backers and a Small World forum with a Small World - Digital forum... yet updates about the software is posted here. This is a little confusing, and I did not think to come here looking for updates.
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Re:Release Notes of the 1/29 upgrade on Steam Sat, 01 February 2014 10:57
Thanks Yann for the info.
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