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Steam DLC and other platforms Mon, 03 March 2014 03:49
I was having problems with the DoW webstore; I wanted to get one of the expansions for the HB Android version of TtR, but it wouldn't go through. So I went, eh, I'll buy it on steam cos I can activate DLC that way. Or at least I thought I could.

Is there a way to make Steam DLC activate the corresponding DoW version, or am I out of luck?

EDIT: Oh. Nvm I figured it out. For the curious it just looks like all I had to do was launch the steam version of TtR, log into DoW account, and do then it syncs across the account. Log into TtR on my Android device, bam. Asia expansion.

[Updated on: Mon, 03 March 2014 03:52]

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