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April 2012
Cards! Fri, 21 March 2014 14:49
Having come to this game after the Air Pack became out of print the top of my Memoir '44 wishlist has always been a separate deck of terrain cards like the ones in Air Pack. I find the terrain cards invaluable in play. I always lay out the ones pertinent to a scenario on the table.

With the announcement of the new D-Day landings maps I think a separate release of the Break Through cards just crept up my wish list too.

I've heard that card decks are one of the most expensive components in a board game though.

So Days Of Wonder - I'd like a terrain deck and a break through deck for sale like the base deck. If you sell them for $5 a pop I'd be first in line for 2 terrain decks and 5 break through decks so I can play D-Day the way it should be played.
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Re:Cards! Fri, 21 March 2014 15:14
It would be great if they sold the Breakthrough deck in the web store, but there are some roadblocks to selling the Summary Card deck.

The main roadblock I see is that every time a new expansion comes out (like the D-Day Landings) new rules are introduced and the Summary deck is immediately outdated! There's no good way to keep up with the rules and new cards if they sell a physical deck. That's why it's available online.

A smaller roadblock is that the price for a deck that large could be quite high (certainly higher than $5) so the demand for the cards might be lower than we think. Of course there's no way to know for sure until they try it, but that's not likely to happen because of the first reason.

While you're waiting and hoping, you might find this helpful:

You can print out all of the cards and use them for your battles; they just won't be on nice card stock.

Have fun and welcome to the community!

Posts: 36
April 2012
Re:Cards! Fri, 21 March 2014 15:18
I have printed out copies of the terrain cards but it was a fiddly process and the results weren't great.

I take your point about the terrain cards being a 'living set' but that would only affect people coming in later to the game (like I did with air pack). Let's call it a catch-up set.

I'd pay more than $5 if it is a bigger deck of cards.
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