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[Beta] Buddy list for beta players? Fri, 16 May 2014 16:02

It's been a little tough finding and keeping track of who is a beta player for matches. Having caught glimpses of people in the Beta online lobby, I've managed to add about 10 people to my buddies list, and I'm keeping a copy of those names on a separate notepad so I don't forget who's new (vs. old buddies that might not have the beta).

We have another thread for adding buddies, but I thought it would be helpful to have one limited to beta testers for the time being. So feel free to pose here if you're willing to have people add you and invite you to games.

Hopefully I haven't duplicated a thread, but I didn't see one.

Personal sidenote: To anyone trying to play with me, the software updates have been coming fast and furious lately, and although I can play at work, I don't generally download the updates at work as I'm on mobile data. My evenings have been very busy lately, but they are going to free up shortly. Long story short: Sorry if I've kept anyone waiting, as my play has slowed down a bit.
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Re:[Beta] Buddy list for beta players? Fri, 16 May 2014 21:36
I am looking for asynchronous beta games, my nick in SW is thosch
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