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Dday Landings Analysis and Observations Thu, 29 May 2014 17:20
Like myself, I'm sure several others are already gathering friends and material to prepare to play this massive game (Neptune). Now that I've gotten my rule questions answered here are some of my observations and strategic planning thoughts for both sides. Granted, playing the game will prove quite different in some areas I'm sure, but these are some things to think about...

1. The beaches will be the hotbed of the fighting. This like no other scenario, is heavily objective based and as we all know that when there are medal objectives there are going to be multiple medals won in those areas. Since most if not all of the objectives are on the Allies' side of the map, the Germans, as in the war, will have to take the fighting to the beaches where the Allies are probably weakest because of mobility.

2. Logistics are vital. Most of the entry points for the Germans are far back on there side of the map, well so are the Allies. Difference is, most if not all of the medals will be won on the Allies side of the map. So for the Germans, they need to use a lot of "on the move" orders to replenish the beach front- maybe hope for a few extra flags to get more movement as well as using the roads- they have to move quickly and urgently to the front. For the Allies, they have an advantage of receiving their reinforcements at quick replenishing points whether through Airborne drops or front line waves.

3. Objective advantage- One initial look at the scenarios quickly suggest that all medals can be won fighting on the Allies side of the map alone- Exit markers, Town Control, Beach Control, Bridge controls all favor the Allies over time. Axis hold these at first and in order for them to win and avoid a heavy and quick medal turnover rate, they will have to fight fiercely on the beach fronts. Oh by the way did I mention Allies have Air Superiority and Off-Shore Bombardment advantage that hurts the Axis more than the Allies?

However, an optimistic Axis player will want a logistical clog at the beaches to pick off several units. Getting off the beach is not as easy as it looks with all the obstacles and slow moving bluffs and cliff 2-move climbing. Very historic is seems- wow! Get off and control the beach and the Axis will fall- unless friends from other maps help or a reinforcement surge comes to push them back to shore. Both sides will wrestle fiercely on the beach that's for sure.

4. Airborne units- the real chess game. I find this the most intriguing strategically. How one uses these units whether in a single map scenario or a multi-map scenario could make or break it for one side or the other. As the Germans, what do you with these annoying little gnats flying around your map? Ignore them and pound the beach? Go Orkin man on them all? Or try a hybrid approach?

5. Command cards and Reinforcement tidbits. On 4 of the 6 maps the Allies start out with a huge Command card advantage- at least for the first two rounds. Germans have to be shrewd right from the get go as far as card selection but I don't see this as a big deal for them. What is more concerning is the reinforcement capabilities from those cards. Germans may want to play a couple of Recon 1 cards to get more dice in the beginning to ensure more reinforcements. More dice means more units to throw into the fray. This reminds me of Axis and Allies Global where the Russians are trying to hold the line til those well-timed, much needed Siberian reinforcements come in.

Anyway just some thoughts, like to hear yours. Another thing is all the different type of units to be involved (Equipment pack units + new units- supported armor, infantry etc.)- these seem a little on the fiddly side, but hey, in a grand game like this, I expect that and will embrace the diversity.

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