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  Open de France 2014 Tue, 03 June 2014 16:09
Hi guys,

The M44 French Open (Open de France) took place in Bénouville on May 31 and June 1. 108 lucky players from France, UK, Belgium, the Netherlands and even from the US (congrats Temple58) could play against each other during two days, next to Pegasus Bridge.

You can find the 6 scenarios of this Tournament on the Official Scenarios page (click "last edit" in the table to sort by date: this will display these scenarios.) All were designed by Jacques "jdrommel" in memory of the British soldiers that fought in Normandy.


After two days of battles, Vercingetorix1302, a seasoned Belgian player, won the Tournament with 88 points. Points were given for each medal, with extra points for objective medals and bonus points for victory on each round.

The 10 first players received various prizes, including the D-Day Landings expansion that finally hit French beaches.

After the tournament, Days of Wonder and the French Federation set up two D-Day Landings battles. 24 players could discover the ultimate D-Day Landings Experience! I was leading my men on Utah Beach while my colleague Adrien was pinned down on Omaha Beach by heavy German fire; I had to send Rangers to Pointe-du-Hoc to relieve him, and help him clearing the beach with naval support. Eventually, we won, but is was a tough battle.


Many thanks to the players that could join us for this 6th M44 French Open! To all players that could not come this time: we need you next year! Smile

Want to see more?
Google+ Event
Franck's Diary

And some extra pictures:
From Aurélie in Wonderland
From EMI 44

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Re:Open de France 2014 Tue, 03 June 2014 17:30
And here's the theater of operations:
#1, #2 and #3 are the landing spots of the British gliders.
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Re:Open de France 2014 Wed, 04 June 2014 04:24
Perhaps not as cool, historical on site, as the French Open, but we do have a couple of events here in the states that will match the enthusiasm of our Euro partners and friends.

WBC will feature a Memoir 44 tournament that showcases a number of updated D-Day standard size scenarios as well as many non tournament events that allow all to enjoy the new D-Day Landings expansion.

GenCon will also feature the new D-Day Landings expansion and as it has been for years now, give us an opportunity to join other GenCon friends in a series of friendly competitions.

I will be at both of these conventions, hosting and assisting in the FUN!

Perhaps next year I will have the opportunity to again attend the next French Open with you all.

Great stuff, thanks for including us with the pictures...
Richard Borg

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