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July 2005
  **** is a crybaby... Mon, 11 July 2005 19:52
He was talking trash to me and being very insulting for an entire game because I was losing and then when I came back and won (and made him take last place) he tried to get me banned. What a sad little boy.

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  Re:**** is a crybaby... Mon, 11 July 2005 20:19

Are you the same player as the one who registered in the past under other names such as "GangBangedYourMom" and other unacceptable names?

If this is not the case, please disregard the rest of this message.

If you are this person, then I am sorry to tell you that you are not welcome on the Days of Wonder web sites and on-line games! We had numerous complains about your behavior and language - and by the way, more complains from English speaking players than French speaking players, despite your notorious anti-French paranoid bahavior.

We value the good spirit that has been the rule since now between players of all nationalities, and we would like to keep it this way. I suggest you read (AGAIN) our Terms of use, and leave our community alone if you cannot comply to these simple rules. Otherwise, not only we shall terminate your account (AGAIN), but we will seek action from your own Internet Service Provider: in case you do not know, they have a Terms of Use as well, and it forbids these offensive behaviors.

Thanks for your understanding.

Yann Corno
Days of Wonder

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