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July 2003
Blank cards for sale?? Wed, 16 July 2003 14:59
Days of Wonder,

I would love to buy a nice stack of blank cards in the three colors....could you do something like this? I'm sure others would be interested as well.
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January 2003
Re:Blank cards for sale?? Thu, 24 July 2003 07:46
Now with me, I will commonly make up a full set with magic cards (I've got way too many of 'em) and work from there

If our efforts in the DS relm are any measure, you won't get anything like that out of them.
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October 2002
Re:Blank cards for sale?? Fri, 25 July 2003 10:44
Unfortunately, we do not have decks of blank cards, because these are printed on the same sheet as the other cards.

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May 2015
Re:Blank cards for sale?? Wed, 13 May 2015 16:54
Bumping this. I would love to have a set of blank cards so that I can expand the game myself.
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