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August 2015
bad update Thu, 26 November 2015 23:04
I'm kindly asking you to completely revert back to the original TTR before this horrible update. If you would consider changing the following things I will gladly go back and give you a better review in the App Store on iPad.

1. Allow me to choose who I play based on their rank. I don't want to play someone who has <1250 or >1500. This is the most frustrating.

2. The zoom in feature of the board is horrible. I'm not sure why it was necessary to change that, but I don't like it.

3. Make the cards the original size.

4. Change the delay in putting trains on the board.

While I don't like the new design at all, fixing the above mentioned things would stop least make the game fun to play again.


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April 2012
Re:bad update Mon, 04 January 2016 00:46
I certainly agree ... the new Ticket to Ride is awful. Everything is just annoying. The sleek fast experience from the old version is gone.

The new update is extremely buggy - and the design is obstructing the game experience.

I used to play a couple of games every day, but the new update ruined that. Just face it ... it was a mistake. Roll back to the old version and start all over.

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