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January 2016
Manado Landings Sun, 06 March 2016 01:10
Commanders o7

Please forgive this question. I feel like a dullard for asking it but I'm going to ask anyway.

In the Mandado landings (Breakthrough) the rules say that if the Japanese have enough men to make up a full airborne unit they can make a paradrop.

What does that mean?

Does the Japanese Commander drop a man from his 'inactive' troops and if successful take three more from the inactive troops (i.e. troops not currently in play).

I understand that he's aiming for the battle stars on the board and everything that goes with that but I'm just unclear on what troops he's using for the paradrop.

We played the scenario tonight and I (Dutch troops) won 10-4. This being achieved because our interpretation of the rules made shooting Japanese infantry a very easy task. I feel it should have been far more difficult for me, hence the question.

So far, you've been a really friendly group so I'm hoping my daft question will be met with your usual level of friendliness Smile



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Re:Manado Landings Sun, 06 March 2016 04:57
If you peruse the FAQ you will find many of the questions you have regarding this scenario already addressed:

The figures you may use for a Paradrop will come from either Japanese infantry figures already killed and removed from the board, figures that remained in the box after the original game setup OR a combination of both. Hence, inactive troops, as you already surmised.


Q. In Manado Landings there are a number of Battle Star tokens in the set-up and spread out around the Airfield. However, their presence is not explained anywhere in the Special Rules. What are the tokens for?
A. A sentence is missing from the Special Rules section, sorry about that. The top of the second column should read, “Once in full daylight, as long as the Axis player has enough figures to form full Airborne units, he may attempt to Airdrop units on hexes marked with a battle Star each turn (Actions 20 - Paradrop). Each Paradrop requires an order (for example, with an Attack card, the Axis player may Airdrop three units, or move two ground units and Airdrop one unit, etc.). Each time a unit successfully drops on one of these hexes, remove the corresponding Battle Star (to keep track of the total number of units dropped).” The bold text was left out.

Q. When ordering a Paradrop in this scenario, which type of Command Card may I use as an order to drop a unit?
A. Any command card which could be used to order an Infantry unit in the section where the Paradrop Battle Stars reside can be used for the Paradrop.

Q. How do you perform the Paradrop function in Manado Landings?
A. For each unit ordered, a single Infantry figure (Paratrooper) must be dropped from directly above a hex with a Battle Star. If the drop is successful and that unit lands safely, regardless of where it lands on the board, then the Battle Star over which it was originally dropped is removed and the successful figure is given three other figures to create a full unit. If the fall was unsuccessful, the Battle Star remains and the unsuccessful figure is removed from the board to try again later. Then the next ordered Paratrooper is dropped. This continues until all orders for the Paradrop are complete. This means that the Axis player can eventually gain a unit for each Battle Star, though it may take a while.

Q. In the Manado Landings, it says, “If the [Paradrop] was unsuccessful, the Battle Star remains, and the unsuccessful figure is removed from the board to try again later.” If the first attempt at a drop is unsuccessful, are you permitted to use another order to try that target again on the same turn? If so, then does an Infantry Assault or Assault section card give you unlimited tries until one succeeds?
A. No, you only get to try a Paradrop once per turn on each Star. It might improve the wording to say, “If the [Paradrop] was unsuccessful, the Battle Star remains, and the unsuccessful figure is removed from the board to try again on another turn.”

Q. Can On the Move orders be used for the Paradrop action?
A. Yes

[Updated on: Sun, 06 March 2016 05:03]

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January 2016
Re:Manado Landings Sun, 06 March 2016 11:49
Hi Clexton27

Thanks so much for your full reply. It's really good of you to take so much trouble to answer a struggling commander Smile

I read much of your answer in your replies to other commanders in separate threads on the same subject. However, your opening answer regarding where the troops come from to perform the paradrop was the one I was really struggling with. As usual, you've made it very clear, so thank you sir o7.

My Memoir opponent and I will play the Manado landings again, safe in the knowledge that we are playing it absolutely correctly, though I think he may have just suffered from some really bad dice rolls when I won last night.

Thanks again Clexton27. So pleased this community is so helpful and friendly.


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