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3d tanks Thu, 10 March 2016 23:41
Of interest to some....

I read an article where one gamer made 3d armor models to supplement his Memoir '44 armor.

He used a 3d printer and used 1/200 model plans which he increased by 10% to get closer to the scale used in the Memoir '44 minis.

He stated that it took several hours to produce the models (he used the recommend slow speed) but the end results - Tigers, StuG IIIs and a Strum Tiger looked pretty good.

I would think it is probably pricey to make models this way after factoring in the cost of the printer and the supplies needed but one could certainly make up models in that scale that may not be available elsewhere.
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Re:3d tanks Fri, 11 March 2016 00:40
Maybe he could sell them trough Shapeways, duce-with-tarp?li=search-results-3&optionId=43137034
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