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August 2005
Time Limit Tue, 06 September 2005 06:08
Someone at BoardGameGeek suggested incorporating some sort of time constraint onto some of the less balanced scenarios, and someone else replied by suggesting the arrival of powerful reinforcements for the disadvantaged side after Turn X, giving the favored side an incentive to hurry up and not simply amass the good command cards. If the reinforcements do arrive, they will further tip the balance of the scenario in favor of the disadvantaged side.

This seems like an ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY STUPEDENOUS idea, as it increases realism, sends tension into orbit, and balances scenarios. As an added bonus, the deadline can easily be modified as a handicap for newer players. I am SUPER EXCITED, as this will fix the only qualm I have about this great game, but I can't playtest it all myself (and let's face it, nearly every scenario is rather unbalanced, even if they aren't all as bad as Pegasus Bridge). Is anyone here interested in trying out this idea?

(I followed the original suggestor's idea of allowing a team of Panzers to arrive after Turn 8 of Pegasus Bridge. It was only one try, and perhaps it was a coincidence, but the final score ended up 4-3 instead of the usual 4-2.)

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  Re:Time Limit Fri, 09 September 2005 20:50
I think its a simple yet very strong idea as well. I think I'll play around with some homemade scenarios tonight and reinforcements arriving in the later rounds. I've already begun playing around with some of the new rules from the expansions, even though I don't have the real cool looking bits yet!

The beauty of this game is you can endlessly tinker with the rules/scenario situations in small ways to change the flavor of the game. By using minor changes to add a rule here or there for a single scenario, it also avoids over developing the game into something deeper than it was intended to be... I love deep war games, but for me Memoir 44' is the war game I can crank out any given evening and play a few tense battles with little concern for reading and re-reading rules I hadn't looked at in months in more complex war games.

War is hell... but its a hell of a lot of fun on the tabletop.

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