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July 2005
strategie against blocking ? Thu, 08 September 2005 04:34
At the moment I'm playing against someone called Calenodian. This person does not like me blocking his tracks. As a revenge he decided to play the following strategie:

If it is his turn, he waits 2 minutes to get replaced by a Dumbot. After the Dumbot took his place and performs its move, he takes over his chair and let me wait 2 minutes again. This 'strategie' has been played for some rounds and I guess he will continue this till the end of the game.

Personally, I do not bother. I have the whole night and can do other things in the meanwhile. But I can imagine that such strategie can be annoying for others. Is there a way to protect other players for persons who use this way of playing TTR ? Of course, if you all object against blocking then I will keep my peace.

Thanks a lot.

This is my first posting btw.

Goan (= Goan Oei)
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