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July 2005
startegie aganst blocking ??? Thu, 08 September 2005 04:50
Already posted in Forum General, did not know there is a seperate TTR Forum. Sorry for that.

At the moment I'm playing against someone called Calenodian. This person does not like me blocking his tracks. As a revenge he decided to play the following strategie:

If it is his turn, he waits 2 minutes to get replaced by a Dumbot. After the Dumbot took his place and performs its move, he takes over his chair and let me wait 2 minutes again. This 'strategie' has been played for some rounds and I guess he will continue this till the end of the game.

Personally, I do not bother. I have the whole night and can do other things in the meanwhile. But I can imagine that such strategie can be annoying for others. Is there a way to protect other players for persons who use this way of playing TTR ? Of course, if you all object against blocking then I will keep my peace.

Thanks a lot.

This is my first posting btw.

Goan (= Goan Oei)
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Re:startegie aganst blocking ??? Thu, 08 September 2005 07:53
http://www.daysofwonder.com/index.php?t=msg&th=3949& start=0&rid=6686&S=220f75d7bc34385bb76c0d6daf1fe64f

http://www.daysofwonder.com/index.php?t=msg&th=4250& start=0&rid=6686&S=220f75d7bc34385bb76c0d6daf1fe64f

Those are two threads devoted to Caledonian and how much of a whiner he is. You did the right thing, sticking around and waiting him out, but you'll rarely find that kind of childishness with anyone but him.

Unfortunately, if you do find someone else who does that, you'll have to live with it or concede the game (provided your dumbbot loses).

We all condone, and even support, blocking as a means of winning. You can search through this forum and read a couple other threads on it, even on this page. Don't use the search function, though, as it's useless.


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November 2004
  Re:startegie aganst blocking ??? Sat, 10 September 2005 09:05
Fortunatly I have not played this person. Im glad you can wait him out. Keeps him from bothering the rest of us, Thank you.

Blocking is a legal useful way to play. It is really irritating to some people but I enjoy a game where I mix it up with someone else, you might as well do a puzzle if you dont interact.

OH well you can find lots of arguments about blocking. Most folks that dont like blocking complain and quit when you do it to much. I guess I just play to have fun so it doesnt bother me. I do play to win (well as best I can anyway) but its just a game....

Have fun.

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