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April 2005
Shouting hill to hill Fri, 09 September 2005 07:58
Ok, sorry for beating up a dead horse, I've been trying to find out an official answer on the forums but I'm too lazzy to go through all the messages including "hill" in it's body Razz

It goes like this: I'm on a hill, the enemy's on a hill, the hills are not adjacent, nor are they part of the same chain. Do I get the -1 die penalty or not? This situation happens quite often, and I heard both oppinions so far, if anybody remembers where's the official answer on this one, please post the link.

PS: for the record, I'd be inclined to use the -1 penalty, because of the word adjacent.
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Re:Shouting hill to hill Fri, 09 September 2005 10:10
Good question Fixpix...

This is what is in the rule book...

Battle: When battling an enemy unit that is up a Hill, Infantry and Armor reduce the number of Battle dice rolled by 1 and Artillery Battle dice are not reduced. When battling an enemy unit at the same height as your unit, there is no Battle dice reduction.
?Line of Sight: A Hill blocks line of sight for units trying to look over the Hill. Line of sight is not blocked when units are at
the same height and on the same Hill (plateau effect).

You'll note the LOS rule indicates the same height and same hill qualifier whereas the battle reduction only applies to different heights (ie. ground to hill).

Because units are at the same height, according to this wording, then no, the -1 reduction would not apply in your example.

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Re:Shouting hill to hill Sat, 10 September 2005 21:07
Well Fixpix if you want an official answer, here are some hill line of sight examples: id=1096&returnto=scenariofans&rid=133271&S=5489f 8de27e3cd44b7ceb1927146134c

Generally LOS will be blocked if an/more unit(s) or LOS blocking terrain/obstacle between the both units (regardless of them standing on hills)
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April 2005
Re:Shouting hill to hill Sat, 10 September 2005 22:48
@ Brummbar:
Thanks for clearing out the matter, it apears indeed to be so, you get no penalty for firing at the enemy situated on the same level with you whether you're on the same plateau or not. For some strange reason I was hung up on the word "adjacent" but obviously it wasn't a very good reason.

@ Rickka:
Thanks for replying but the question was about die reduction penalty for firing at units on different plateau, not LOS.
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