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February 2017
Claiming Long Routes Sat, 18 February 2017 13:39

Just played a game of TTR Europe. At the end of the game a player was claiming their long route between Edinburgh and Athina by saying the station they had on Essen and the station they had on Wien meant they completed the route.

We know the rule that you can claim the route from two stations both ways to Berlin if this is your destination using other players trains between Essen and Berlin and Wien and Berlin.

The issue that arose was whether they can claim the long route when they had none of their own trains between Essen and Wien? Don't the stations only allow them to go to Berlin from Essen and stop at Berlin and likewise go to Berlin from Wien and stop in Berlin?

For example:

Amsterdam to Essen - B (Blue) B B
Essen - Blue Station
Essen to Berlin - R (Red) R
Berlin to Wien - G (Green) G G
Wien - Blue Station
Wien to Budapest - B

Interested in others thoughts to clarify.
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Re:Claiming Long Routes Sat, 04 March 2017 23:21
The stations cut your longuest, that's for sure...

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Re:Claiming Long Routes Wed, 08 March 2017 00:26
Long route is only with trains
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