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Fauns and "active region" Sun, 16 April 2017 18:34
We played with Fauns last night for the first time. There was a discrepancy in the verbiage of the Faun text.

What does "active region" mean?

In other texts I see:
-non empty region
-active token
-active race

Some people were interpreting "active region" to mean "non empty", others thought it meant "active race token in a region", but I haven't found anything that clarifies.

I think "active race token in a region" makes the most sense, but it was argued that the race trait could be used on Lost Tribes, though the tribes would not gain anything for it.

Similarly, could the ability be used on an "in decline" race?
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Re:Fauns and "active region" Sun, 16 April 2017 22:17
To get the Faun bonus, the race they are attacking must be active (not in Decline). So Lost Tribes and races in Decline will not trigger their ability.

Have fun!
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