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Cheater warning - G7S Washington Thu, 08 June 2017 03:03
Hi folks,

Because of TTR game crashing all the time some people use that as their benefit and stop playing when they know they are losing. I've heard rumours in the lobby but finally find myself in the similar situation. I don't name the player with who I have not played or met this situation but now I definitely have - and that player was high ranked player G7S Washington.

G7S mainly took 6-tracks only and I ogt my long tickets finished. Then, suddenly, he stopped playing. He has not left because he also wrote something in chat. The game finally ended, after waiting some minutes, and I got the message that the game was aborted. The game was not seen in my game history and I got no points from it.

Please, fix this awful problem - playing has no sense and it's not fun when some player cheat and they don't lose any points at all. I thought G7S is just a good player, also wrote politely but I was so wrong.

Also, please, write here the names of proven cheaters you have met (not only rumours) so we get the list for admins and for us all to keep TTR nice and fair game. I'm going to take a game break now and not to play anymore because of the problems lasting years and years and now loosing points which I fairly deserved.
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Re:Cheater warning - G7S Washington Thu, 08 June 2017 03:16
He cheated me today as well. This is just general7star up to his same old tricks. I checked my game history and his name now appears instead of general7star. Multiple aborted games whenever i am beating him badly

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RUS Sivorro
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Re:Cheater warning - G7S Washington Fri, 09 June 2017 23:51
Assholes never stop...
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Re:Cheater warning - G7S Washington Thu, 15 June 2017 22:09
Is there anything you can do against this (besides not playing against him...)?
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Re:Cheater warning - G7S Washington Fri, 16 June 2017 22:15
CIA Truckerteller wrote on Tue, 06 June 2017 19:06

Thx Chinetter, not many Steam players find their way to the forum.

To everyone: There is a page on DoW to report abuse, but it's hard to find. Make sure to take a screenshot and include it in your post.

Under the tab "About", click "find our how to contact us"

Click on Digital Games > Report Abuse

DoW will be far more inclined to react to that, than reading this "WARNING" thread.

Also, to Sivorro: I think DoW cares more about people using terms like "a*****e" in the forum than what they perceive is an ongoing steam of complaints about "cheating". Most of the "WARNING" forum topic is filled with people hammering on about playing on against bots. DoW cares about making this a family friendly place. If a tournament organizer uses "a*****e" for the 3rd time in the forum, the already slim chances that they want to talk to anybody about competitive gameplay is going to be reduced even further.
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Re:Cheater warning - G7S Washington Fri, 14 July 2017 13:39
I have meet him year ago as General7Stars and now, as g7s Washington. There is a screenshot of aborted game

Its really annoying that DOW havent got fixed this bugs in a 1-2 years.
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Re:Cheater warning - G7S Washington Thu, 03 August 2017 08:12
I just played my turn against G7S,

I enter one of histoire game.

He does not move and does not play.

I challenge him and he tells me that I do not have the necessary ranking to play.

His game being rated 1400+, no reason for me to leave ...

I explain to him and he begins the insults and plays.

Arrives at the end of the game, knowing that he will lose, he insults me again before leaving. His time counter stops, a robot arrives and if I leave, the game will cancel. As his time counter is blocked he saved his artificially doped score.

I think he found a flaw to have his lost games in the software and he exploits it to cheat and not lose ranking.
Mandala Maharaja

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Re:Cheater warning - G7S Washington Fri, 04 August 2017 18:49
I haven't been involved with this player, however this bug affects ranking for those that play with bots too. It ends up causing stuck games and the winning player is sometimes penalized karma (someone always is penalized). The rankings aren't recorded at all most of the time.

These bugs have been around for some time, I don't understand why reporting them has done nothing.

[Updated on: Fri, 04 August 2017 18:55]

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Re:Cheater warning - G7S Washington Sun, 06 August 2017 10:10
What xZapx says.
I mainly play the Germany map (a very nice map btw!) and typically when I get an error and both players are kicked, the game is entered as aborted, but I do lose points in the overall ranking. I don't lose points in the Germany ranking though (at least that's good). But, please fix this bug as it is pretty annoying!

On topic: Always avoid G7S...

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