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Lot's of help for beginners on the User Pages Thu, 10 August 2017 23:13
I just wanted to remind the new users that there is a lot of help for you on some of the user pages. How do you get to the user pages? just look to the left under someone's handle and avatar and there is a little rectangle that says "User Pages". Click on it and you will open a new window (or tab) that shows that person's user page. There are two pages, the Home page and the Projects page. The Home page has a little about the person and the scenarios that they have made, and their favorite user pages. The Projects page will have your goodies for new players (especially rasmussen81, Brummbar, and others). There are player aids, house rules, pictures, and more just waiting for you to discover them. Enjoy!

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Re:Lot's of help for beginners on the User Pages Fri, 11 August 2017 05:23
Great reminder, Ron! Cool
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