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Red-Eyed Jack

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July 2016
Memoir 44 World Cup 3 Signups are Open Fri, 01 September 2017 01:54
Signups for the Memoir 44 World Cup 3 are open through the end of September.

Signup at https://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/1840636/memoir-44-world -cup-3-signups

We'll be using the same format as the previous world cups: There will be teams, which will consist of 6 players each.

Any nation, that has 6 or more players sign up, will have their own team, as well as a second and/or third team if they have 12 or 18 players sign up, if they have any number in between those, then they will have as many teams as they can fully fill, and the others will help fill other nations' teams to get them up to 6.

For nations that have 2 or 3 teams each, the first team will consist of the first 6 players who signed up, and the next 6 will be on the second team. Though I might change it up a little if need be, to accommodate players' choices of scenarios and if any of them are willing to help other nations' teams get up to full strength.

Nations that have fewer then 6 players sign up will be combined to form multinational teams, or have other players join them to get their nation's team to a full 6.

Also, if anybody has ideas for some new names for teams, then please post your ideas in this thread: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/1700633/team-names-worl d-cup

In each round, each of the teams will play another team.
There will only be 5 rounds. So if there end up being more then 6 teams, then each team will only face 5 of the other teams.
After all the rounds have been done, the top 4 teams will advance and face off in a semi-final round, with the 2 winning teams advancing to the Championship round, where they will face off for the championship.(The semi-final round will only happen if we get 8 or 10 teams)

For each round, there are 3 different scenarios. All 6 players in a team will play each round, spreading the 3 battles between them. (so, each battle would therefore get played by two team members).
To figure out who plays which of the scenarios in each round, I request that when people sign up, that they include which of the scenarios they would like to play.

In each round, you will play a 2-game match on Memoir Online against your designated opponent. The schedule will be published at the beginning of the season.

The theme for this world cup will be the same as last world cup. The theme is that each round will consist of scenarios from the same operation, campaign, battle, etc.

Round 1: Tunisia Campaign
Kasserine Pass [M44 World Cup]
[Tunisia] Raid on Oudna airfield [FFM44]
Round 2: Mariana and Palau Islands campaign
Securing Peleliu Airstrip
Guam Landings
[Pacific] Battle of Guam [FFM44]
Round 3: Battle of Normandy
Operation Perch [FFM44]
[Normandy] Battle of Tilly-sur-Seulles [FFM44]
[Normandy] Vaumicel Manor
Round 4: Late War, Germany
[COOL 2015] Germany - Bautzen : Street fighting
Frankfurt an der Oder
Round 5: Guadalcanal
Bloody Ridge
Matanikau River
Slopes of Mount Austen

Semifinals Round : Southern France
Alpha Yellow [FFM44]
Championship Round: Battle of the Bulge
Twin Villages
Battle of the Bulge
Battle of La Roche

The scoring system will be the same as previous times: Each team will get 1 point for each match won as well as 1 point for each battle won.

The World Cup will start soon after sign ups close.

Good luck, and have fun!

Red Eyed Jack aka Matthew Miller
Red-Eyed Jack

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July 2016
Re:Memoir 44 World Cup 3 Signups are Open Mon, 11 September 2017 01:57
So far we only have 8 people signed for the world cup. Could really use more players.
Mr Bluze
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Arnhem Victory

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Re:Memoir 44 World Cup 3 Signups are Open Tue, 12 September 2017 17:50
Reporting for duty.
Red-Eyed Jack

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July 2016
Re:Memoir 44 World Cup 3 Signups are Open Tue, 12 September 2017 20:11
Mr Bluze wrote on Tue, 12 September 2017 11:50

Reporting for duty.

Please post a reply on the BGG signup thread.

https://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/1840636/memoir-44-world -cup-3-signups
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