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onyx puffin LOL
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Nations Cup: a Spectator Sport Wed, 18 October 2017 15:43
So just before playing my NC match, I was watching my teammate in his match. When time came for my match, I asked the person I was playing if we could wait til I finished watching game 2; then we could start our match. He said fine, and admitted he finds watching matches boring.

I thought, 'Wow, I do not find it that way.' But then I realized, I am usually watching such matches with another player or 2 or 3. Such as just the day before, I was watching the kasi-dandee match and discussing the match with some on skype. That was when I realized what the difference was on why I do not find watching matches boring.

I usually will be watching and in typed conversation on Skype with another player. There we discuss our guesses on what tickets the other player has, 2nd guesses on when someone should use their locos, 3rd guesses on why they waited so long, and of utmost humor, 'Why did she/he do that?'

My point in this note today is this: For Nation's Cup to be best enjoyed, one should have a chance to be a spectator. But just like when watching a futbol match or other sport, it is best enjoyed when you attend with others.

So if I am in the lobby and an NC match is on,
and you want to watch and discuss the match to better enjoy the experience, just ask me to pop on skype with you. I truly believe it enhances the Nation's Cup experience.
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Re:Nations Cup: a Spectator Sport Wed, 18 October 2017 22:59
good Point Onyx! i agree with you.

we had also already all the smp with all our "Gegner" in a big call. it was really funny! i enjoyed this a lot.

so if i am online feel free to write me in skype Smile
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