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December 2012
  AI player in UK map Wed, 15 November 2017 19:30

I'm thinking about purchasing the UK map for the iOS version. Does the new UK map have a dedicated AI player as in all the other maps except Germany ?

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December 2012
Re:AI player in UK map Tue, 21 November 2017 20:11
No comment? I guess that means no Smile
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November 2015
Re:AI player in UK map Thu, 30 November 2017 01:12
Yeah, I am curious as well. I really would suggest map-specific bots be created at a later time as I enjoy playing them on all the other maps and find them to be better opponents.

Also curious if the map functions properly, as I'm still waiting for Germany to work in multiplayer mode by invitation. Sad

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November 2016
Re:AI player in UK map Sun, 10 December 2017 16:06
Let's be clear.
Uk Map including on the real board (in real life) is bogus.
There is ONE and only ONE way to win.
The AI doesn't take care of it, so you win all the time.

We, me and my friends, have banned the big US/UK 10 tiles 40 points train.
If we don't ,the only way to win is to run after the tiles to build that train.

So here is how to win :
You take the easier goals you can grab and only 3 if there is no overlap. Easier means, smaller, asking for fewest conditions (propellers, more than 3 tiles, non English...).
You should be left with 20 to 25 tiles left, much less the the competitors,
because you made them quickly with few technologies. Then you have to pick cards of one color (or two) and up to 3 locomotives. While doing so, when there are no visible interesting colored cards to pick, put probable unnecessary tiles for your long train in the holes that could block your opponents (like smaller one way trains). When you have 7 of one color and 3 locomotives or equivalent, and you are around 18 tiles left, you should set on the board your 10 tiles train. After that you have to put as fast as possible all your tiles left and grab pairs of tiles to put them faster without any new tech.

This will beat the AI every time, hands down. Also this will beat anybody on the real board game if there is no-one trying to pull exactly the same strategy. In that case he will be the only one able to beat you.

We like to play the UK board as long as we ban the 10 tiles train.
Couldn't find the option on the App, against the AI or Online. So my opinion, this is an unplayable, boring bogus board.

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December 2017
Re:AI player in UK map Mon, 16 April 2018 15:04
I don't agree with you. I played many games with my friends and during tournaments when the player with the Southampton-NY route didn't win (usually was 3rd or 4th).
Usually, people go for those 40 points but don't have any idea what to do next or after placing their trains are starting to build up their engine once again from the scratch. By the time they are ready to start completing their tickets, middle England and Scotland are already occupied and blocked, whereas their opponents have a similar amount of points.
I agree that this route is a huge advantage, but it does not guarantee success.
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Re:AI player in UK map Wed, 16 May 2018 05:23
@ Wal -

Yes, the 40pt route is powerful, however it can be countered. I have played UK online and my opponent claimed Southhampton to New York route and had more tickets complete but I still won. There are plenty of different strategies you can use with UK map.

Regarding the original post - no there is no dedicated bot for UK map and I doubt one will be added.

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