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WBC 2017 Report Sat, 02 December 2017 15:58
WBC 2017 Report

Hi all. I had intended to post this a while back - like say in August Laughing

As the saying goes, better late than never and certainly better late than never at all.

Well, I was uncertain that I could get the time off of work again to attend this year. But things worked out and it was a go.

My good buddy and fellow New Yorker - state that is, Steve (docsteve) offered to drive down from his home and pick me up along the way.

We departed my house on Wed morning at about 9:30 am, which was already 30 mins past our latest departure time. An omen of things to come? There was one immediate problem we faced as a highway bridge just down the road from me was closed due to some recent flooding. To avoid the detour, we took an alternate route. We used an outdated GPS system in Steve's car and it got us lost a couple of times. Luckily the Maps app on my phone helped us out at key times. What should have been a 5 hour trip took us over 7 hours to complete. As usual there was some crazy driving to be seen along with way. I think that there are too many "drivers" out there that have too many fancy options in their vehicles including those so called safety devices. This may lead some to believe they can take their hands off the wheel, recline in their seat and then just enjoy the scenery as opposed to driving responsibly or at the very least use their turn indicator sometimes. I'm inclined to side with what John Milner said in American Graffiti -- "Driving is a serious business". Ah well, we made it and that is what counts.

We got something to eat and I touched bases with a fellow named Gilbert who has posted a number of game review and replay videos on YouTube. I wanted to get some advice on this as I intended to post some myself. I talked with Gilbert for a while and enjoyed conversing with this very pleasant fellow. After that, Steve and I checked in to our room and walked around a bit.

We returned to the room and played a practice game of Memoir '44, The Khalkin Gol Spark. This was the first scenario to be played in the Memoir '44 Tournament. Steve's Russians easily beat my Japanese 3 to 6.

Well, it was a long day and we settled in for the night. There was one loose end though. Sam, our other roomie had been delayed leaving his area in Conn and was uncertain if he would make it till the next morning. We left the bar lock undone in the room in case he arrived after midnight. We had told the staff at the front desk that we had another person who may check in later and we told that a room card key would be waiting for him. Well, at about 4:30 am we were awakened by Sam who entered the room. Thing is he would have been in the room sooner had not the desk help gave him the wrong room key earlier. Sam went to the wrong room, opened the door part way as the inner lock was on. He woke up the person already in the room. Neither party was amused by the mixup. So Sam returned to the desk and finally got the right room key. Steve and I had a laugh over this.

I got up and had some breakfast before heading out to the C & C Ancients Tournament. I played three games but lost two and tied one. Needless to say, I did not advance. I surely need more practice at this system to be competitive.

On the bright side, my early exit allowed me to play in the first scheduled Memoir '44 Overlord Demo game. The scenario was TIGERS in the SNOW. I played on the German side but did not see much action on the right flank. However our side did prevail in a close game.

I then got some grub and relaxed before I ran the Memoir '44 Tutorial at 8 pm and a thank you to John P for his help.

Then off to play in the Mulligan Round of the Memoir '44 tournament. I had played in this round in 8 of the last 9 years and had won every year but last year. I wished not to make that two years in a row and prevailed as I took both games. I was surprised to learn that Sam (the GM) lost in this round as he did last year. Well, I get to skip Rd 1 at 9 am on Friday.

Crazy Friday. I play in Rd 2 and 3 and win both matches. Rd 4 is my Waterloo and I am swept. I see a lot of grenades on the dice but very few are my rolls. But there are only 3 players going into the next round, so 1 loser from the prior round will be brought back to fill in the 4th spot. I get that honor by the margin of 1 medal. I would like to have had another crack at the player who eliminated me in Rd 4 but have to play someone else. John K and I duke it out and I lose game 1. But in game 2 I have a 75% and a 16% chance to take the match but neither attack pans out. I win game 2 but lose the match and miss going to the Finals. Ah well, a 4th place finish out of 60 some odd players is not bad.

I then play in the 2nd Overlord game (Tetsu no Ame) and am on the winning Japanese side.

Steve and I have a few beers in the room and I do not turn in till early Saturday morning. Needless to say my plans of entering the Battlecry tournament on 9 am on Saturday did not happen.

But I did play in the three Overlord games later that day and was on the winning side on two of them. The first was Cape Torokino Landings and our Japanese side got the surprising win there. Into the Valley of Death followed that and our desert panzers went up in flames with the Germans getting crushed. But then I commanded the Russians in the Khalkin-Gol Encirclement and we beat the Japanese team.

Then I dragged myself back to the room and slept in late. Sam had decided to leave on Saturday evening to be home to attend to some family business. The poor guy pays for a room for 4 nights and only got 2 nights of sleep out of it.

Steve and I got our gear together and then hit the vendor area. We had a quick bite to eat then headed home.

All in all a good trip with a lot of laughs along the way and in between too. How about the time when I stopped in to have a few beers in the resort bar and there was a woman who stepped out into the hall and attempted to do a handstand. She was unsuccessful, but I give her an A for effort.

It was also nice to see the familiar faces of the guys (hey Sam, Joe, John, Tony, Eric, Jack) who I have played against and one the same side over the years. Wow - 10 years running for me - that is something to celebrate!

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Major Duncan
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Re:WBC 2017 Report Sat, 02 December 2017 21:06
That sounds amazing fun. And well done!
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Re:WBC 2017 Report Sun, 03 December 2017 05:05
Wish I could have made it. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. May be in 2018 we will see you there.
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Re:WBC 2017 Report Sun, 03 December 2017 09:38
Hey John.

Great write up!

I hope you (and all the other guys) make it next year so we can cross swords again.

tank commander
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I Love Pineapples

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October 2004
Re:WBC 2017 Report Sun, 03 December 2017 14:11
Thank you all.

Yes, it is a great experience and it will be fantastic if I can do it for my 11th year in a row.

Great news Johan on making it back Very Happy

For those that have never been, it is well worth it to attend.
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Re:WBC 2017 Report Sun, 03 December 2017 17:35

Nice review, though it brings back nightmares of our second round match where I won the first side(you thought the harder one) and then in the changeover game proceeded to roll 2 for 40 something against infantry and only killed 2 figures(not units) in the rematch! I didn't think it was statistically possible to roll that bad.

I thought we played really well in Cape Torokino Landing. That's a tough one to win as the Japanese.

Looking forward to next year's WBC.
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Re:WBC 2017 Report Sun, 03 December 2017 19:40
I'm making plans to attend in 2018, even though it's in the wrong half of the state. GO EAGLES! Very Happy

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