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My Thanks to all !!! Thu, 22 February 2018 20:31
I wish to thank all the players with which I played during the last 10 years, all the players that chatted with me and discussed about everything.
I wish to thank also all the players that played in the tournament I organized enduring my rulings Wink

It has been a blast. I started to play TTR online after I moved and lost my group of play for boardgames, so searched online for a replacement.

I hope everyone will have satisfying lifes and i pray for the best for you all.

I am not leaving. It is not a farewell but I feel that it is the right time and the right place to do this. There could be in the future more tournaments but I feel that a door is closing without sadness.. only melancholy.

Thanks all for the great community we have been. Thanks to Julien, Dietlinde and Sven to endure my discussions in the wonderful years when we tried to make thinks better and better.

Everyone of us found something here in the past years.

"Old soldiers never die they just fade away"
We are just fading away due to the rule of time. My only sourgrape is the beautiful way with which DOW chose to manage this opportunity.

The incredible (debacle) of the last World Championship.

The many intersting answers to our offers of help to build something with TTR online (how many? not much).

The incredible mismanagement of the "upgrade" when they forgot to alert us that the lobbies would have been divided effectively severing ties between players.

Days of Wonder effectively killed TTR competitive online

But these are just late hour thoughts!!!!

What is done is done. It has been a blast and I wish to thank you all for having been a part of my history in this world (even if only regarding the small component of the virtual gaming life)
I remind my first days here with the Euro multies Sad
(Julien, Robin, Dennis, Melinda, Sven do you remind? 10 years ago Shocked )

See you around all!


(finally winner of something NC Hero 2017 QT)
My main achievements:

2009: EMC final
2016: MPWC final

League TD 2010 - 2016
Euroleague TD 2013 - 2016
AAT TD 2009-2013
MPWC TD 2010-2016

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Re:My Thanks to all !!! Fri, 23 February 2018 09:36
thx to you.

Our little Italian community owes everything to you, like to Fitz and Giuseppe.

We dreamed together to win something for Italy.

But we have all become better players and an Italian player has reached the first place in the ranking.

And we have recommended this fantastic game to all our friends,and all this will remain in our hearts.

dan Smile

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Re:My Thanks to all !!! Sun, 25 February 2018 21:45
Thank you Roald!
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