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Battle Cards and Tied Speeds... Thu, 23 October 2003 03:41
In Piratenbucht the player with the highest fame at an island could choose to play an action card, and then the player with the next highest fame etc. If there was a tie for fame, a die roll was suggested to break the tie. In battle, the player with the fastest sails would choose to use a combat card or not, and then he would also shoot first. The translated rules of Piratenbucht we had never said what happened in the event of a tie for speed in determining card placement and shooting order. We played that if there was a tie for speed, then the next determining factor to break the tie was fame.
In DOW's PIrate's Cove, card management has been cleaned up considerably. Battle cards are played ( optional ) in order with regard to the participating player's speed. Volley cards are played before each volley, and the order of the volleys is determined by speed as well, with the fastest player being able to play a volley card ( optional ) and fire first.
My question is this: if players are tied in speed, for the sake of both determining battle card placement order and firing order, what is the best way to break the tie? Fame? A die roll?

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Re:Battle Cards and Tied Speeds... Tue, 28 October 2003 09:14
We simplified the rules so that in all cases any tie for speed is determined by a roll of a single die between the players who have tied. No ties are determined by fame points (although if you wanted to play a local rule to that effect it certainly doesn't break the game).

The one place in the game where a tie is treated differently is of course if two or more players have the same score at the end of the 12th round. Then they have an epic final combat to determine the winner.
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