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GI John
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November 2009
Gung Ho Mechanic Wed, 29 November 2017 20:44
It seems to me that the game would be better if Gung Ho only applied to section cards; excluding all specials especially behind enemy lines, move out, TFH etc.

It would balance the game and make the Pacific scenarios slightly more even for the Axis.
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Bring Boys Back Home

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Re:Gung Ho Mechanic Wed, 31 January 2018 08:21
I have to disagree here.

Rules by them self do not unbalance the game. IMHO there are 4 factors which potentially unbalance a game:

scenario designer:
If a designer gives one side an advantage in units, terrain, cards, etc the game is unbalanced. this do not have to be a problem since it can be historical accurate en you just play the scenario twice (switch side)

Player experience:
If an experienced player plays with an less experienced one in a 50%win scenario, the experienced player will win most of the time. This is not a problem, you can learn a lot from experienced players Smile

If you get alle the recon-1 and your opponent gets all the assault this will unbalance the game. And although it can happen once in a 1000 times? most of the times one of the other factors will play a role.

Hit percentages can change a game. especially early in the game if you loose some precious units you need to win. We all have our game with huge gaps in hitpercentages between players. But here we also have to ask ourself: is it the dice? or did I gave my opponent to much opportunity to shoot at me?

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Michael Wittmann

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Re:Gung Ho Mechanic Tue, 20 March 2018 15:26
Isn't the idea that the scenarios are meant to be unbalanced ?
To reflect the historical advantages/disadvantages that each side faced?

That's how I always see the Marine scenarios to be honest .. either loaded in their favour against the Japs, or at a considerable disadvantage, according to the historical outcome, aka Wake Island.

Is there one particular Pacific scenario which includes the Gung Ho rule that gives an UNhistorical advantage to the Marines ? Or are you suggesting they all are ?
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