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December 2012
Error messages?? Tue, 13 March 2018 22:47
Can someone please define the error messages I keep getting?
End of file - pops up mid game and boots me out.
Client time out - also pops up mid game and boots me out.
These errors are really affecting my score as I keep getting kicked out of games in progress. My cumulative score is dropping so there are fewer options for game play.
Any suggestions? Tips? Tricks?
I'm playing on an iPad
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October 2016
Re:Error messages?? Thu, 15 March 2018 19:31
Unfortunately, as a newer player, too, I don’t have a good answer. But I have had the exact same messages and been booted out of games. I do not think if this happens that your ranking score is affected if the game ends for everybody. However, you should check to see if the game is still in progress on the Resume tab when you go back into to the play screen. If only you were booted because of a lost connection or another type of server problem, you may lose some rank, especially if a bot who replaced you is a lousy player.

As you can see, too, the company is rather slow to respond or doesn’t respond at all, to these queries.

Good luck, and hopefully a senior player has a better answer for us both.
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August 2016
Re:Error messages?? Thu, 22 March 2018 17:00

Please don't hesitate to contact our customer service directly :

They will help you !
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