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April 2018
Recon and Probe Command Card Usage Sat, 14 April 2018 01:06
I am a new player and am learning the Memoir 44 game. In the game how would the Recon, Recon in Force, and Probe Command Cards be used. Is there a location which I could search to find out how to use these cards effectively?
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Re:Recon and Probe Command Card Usage Sat, 14 April 2018 02:06
Hi and welcome.

As the the cards you mention only the RECON (ordering 1 unit) has the special ability in the turn it is played.

It allows the player to draw two cards from the deck at the end of the turn. He looks at both, keeps one and discards the other. This gives you a better chance at drawing a good card.

RECON IN FORCE allows one to order a unit in each section of the map for a total of 3 units. This has the advantage of addressing needs across the board.

A PROBE is simply 2 orders in the section of the map as stated on the card.

As to when it is best to play them highly dependent on what the situation is at the time they are played and to an extent what cards you currently hold.

Here is one thread on card play:

There are many others which you can do a search on.

Also, if you can acquire the Strategy Guide (I am not sure of its availability except on the secondary market), you can enrich your play by reading it.

I hope this helps you along,


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Re:Recon and Probe Command Card Usage Mon, 16 April 2018 11:16
I assume you are asking how to handle a hand with "weak" cards,

In my playgroup we have a saying: "If you have probes, probe yourself to victory!"

I would say:
analyse the board and see where you are "in danger" use your cards to retreat in that spot/flank. Probes can get a lot of repositioning done (if you have the). Play the recon 1's to better your hand.

Recon in force I find not to be a weak card. it allows you tot retreat on one flank and move forward somewhere else. Eve better when you can get two units to "gang up' on one of your opponent. If you have artillery spread ut over the field even better. You can fire on all flanks.

Hope this helps somewhat.

But above all: play, play, play and observe what your opponent does with his/her cards. If you ply online and you see "strong" play, watch the replay and try to understand what your opponent was doing. If it face to face then discuss the play afterwards.

Good luck! Smile

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