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August 2017
Is Merlin’s Company being reprinted? Wed, 11 April 2018 00:26
Hi, does anyone know, or can someone from DoW confirm, if DoW has permanently stopped printing Merlin’s Company? It seems to be sold out everywhere, and prices are at cuthroat levels of the few that are being offered on ebay and amazon. TIA for your replies
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August 2016
Re:Is Merlin’s Company being reprinted? Thu, 26 April 2018 16:49

We haven't scheduled any reprint for this expansion yet but that don't mean we will never reprint it Smile
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June 2015
Re:Is Merlin’s Company being reprinted? Tue, 08 May 2018 03:17
I too have the same question! As a newcomer to the board-game scene, Shadows, and the Merlin expansion, interest me. But I wonder if it is worth the investment on a game with an Expansion that is discontinued. I have played Shadows once, but came here searching for more information as well.
So my question to Alexiane is why even respond to this post at all? You have given no information whatsoever nor added to the discussion. Your comment, is that you have no comment. What is worse is that your response does nothing to actually HELP your customer determine if he should pay $100 on eBay, wait six months for a reprint, or ignore the series altogether! It would not do any harm to your company to at least say yes we will reprintng in the future, or no we will not be reprinting it in the future. This kind of Corporate policy alienates your customer base, the ones who pay your salary... and a policy you should reconsider lest you turn others away from your brand completely.
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July 2018
Re:Is Merlin’s Company being reprinted? Wed, 11 July 2018 01:14
Dear Days of Wonder,

I also wish to assert that Shadows Over Camelot is one of my favourite board games, and am excited by the possibility of being able to play as Merlin and bring in new Knights.

If you ever wish to reprint it, you have one customer waiting here!
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