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December 2017
Reprinting Memoir 44' expansions Mon, 16 April 2018 04:07
Im curious to know if any of the main expansions are going to be reprinted bc i know of a ton of ppl looking to pick some up. Really want the air expansion but rumor is low hopes for that. Just got into the boardgame hobby and looking to spend more money on this game. Just dont feel like dropping serious money on ebay. Help me out Days Of Wonder!!!!!
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Re:Reprinting Memoir 44' expansions Mon, 16 April 2018 04:59
There are a number of expansions for Memoir '44 being reprinted, so just hold tight for a little while. It's a great game, so welcome to the amazing world of card-driven combat and timely dice rolls!! Cool
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Re:Reprinting Memoir 44' expansions Fri, 20 April 2018 00:32
Winter Wars is in stock now at Miniature Market.
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May 2015
Re:Reprinting Memoir 44' expansions Wed, 09 May 2018 17:51
Since the Battle Map series will not be reprinted, Will DOW reprint the cards found in Sword of Stalingrad or the Air Pack?
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