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Original+Underground+Sky Islands? Mon, 25 June 2018 22:25
I just purchased Sky Islands and am excited to play it. I also own the Original game (not the 6 player board) and Underground. I am aware that you can join the original board with Underground using the tunnels that came with Realms (which I also own). Obviously, Sky Islands is designed to be played with the original board. Can you join all three maps? What would the rules be in terms of what original and Underground board to use board to use? Are there any considerations about races/powers that could NOT be used? I am new to the forums and admit I only briefly skimmed the threads, so if anyone could point me to a reference, that would be great.

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Re:Original+Underground+Sky Islands? Wed, 27 June 2018 22:12
Welcome to the forums!

You can certainly join all three boards but there aren't any specific (official) rules to govern this. I would suggest you check the rules for each combination and then formulate your own rules around it.

Remember that the goal of the system is to have everyone fighting over resources so error on the side of small boards in your setup.

Have fun and let us know what you figure out!
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