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  Memoir '44 Editor Wiki: Decommission Imminent Tue, 03 July 2018 04:30
Hello - I just visited the wiki for the editor and there is a notice there that the host is shutting down and all 'classroom and free wikis' will be permanently decommissioned on July 31st, 2018. I haven't seen any threads mentioning this, so I'm wondering if anyone knows about this and if the original author of the wiki (or someone else?) has any plans to migrate the wiki data to a new site?

There is a lot of valuable information there, it would be a shame to lose it.
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Re:Memoir '44 Editor Wiki: Decommission Imminent Tue, 03 July 2018 21:00
That would be bad news. I am not computer savvy enough to get the data somewhere else.

Let's hope there are people around who are.
Hunter Velk
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Re:Memoir '44 Editor Wiki: Decommission Imminent Wed, 04 July 2018 01:18
Unfortunately as it says here we can't export it only the original creator can.

I did not create the Wiki but I use it and rely on it, what can I do to obtain content?
Content is owned by the Wiki Organizer/s and unfortunately, we do not moderate individual wikis.
Therefore to gain access to a particular wiki you will need to contact that wiki's organizer.
In order to contact a wiki's organizer you will need his/her username to utilize messaging services find more information here:

This and more information can be found on this page. /2920537-classroom-and-free-wikis
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