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Tie: Longest track. Mon, 09 July 2018 01:18

if two or more players have an equally long track, longer than that of the other players, what happens? i.e. if theres a tie for the longest track?

Possible outcomes:
i) All players get the normal amount of points.
ii) The points are divided between the winners.
iii) The player with the most carts in total, gets the normal amount of points, while the others get none.


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Re:Tie: Longest track. Sat, 14 July 2018 01:24
I don’t have the rules available right now but I’m pretty sure this situation is clearly covered in the rule book.

EDIT: I just looked in the rules for Ticket to Ride USA and on the last page it says: " In the case of a tie for the longest path, all tied players score the 10 point bonus."

This rule applies for all of the maps, if there is a longest route bonus in that version.

I hope this helps!

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