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Memoir Online League - Season 26 - SIGNUPS ARE OPEN Mon, 05 November 2018 06:50
Enlistments are open for Season 26 of the Memoir Online League. I expect signups to continue through SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 18.

You'll play a round-robin in a division of 6 players, with a different scenario in each round. Division winners, plus a number of wildcards will advance to the playoffs.

This Season, we will play scenarios by jdrommel -- and NO DESERT SCENARIOS!

Round 1: Alpha Yellow
Round 2: [Barbarossa] Battle of Tiganca
Round 3: Bretel Wood
Round 4: [Russia] Serafimovich Salient
Round 5: Battle of Tilly-sur-Seulles

1/4-finals: [Ukraine] Battle of Leshnov*
1/2-finals: Vaumicel Manor*
Finals: [2eme DB] Hotel Meurice*

* For all three rounds of playoffs this season, we'll play 4-game double matches.

We will use our normal scoring method: First will be games won, then medals differential, and then finally figure differential.

Players will be grouped by hemisphere. If you are willing to play in a mixed division, please say so when you sign up

Sign up, at

On behalf of the Troika (Phread, Nygaard, and myself), welcome, good luck, and let's all have fun!


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