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October 2002 Universal Profile project Fri, 30 November 2018 16:34
Dear Days of Wonder players,

As you know, Days of Wonder has always been very active on the digital side. From day one, we had forums so that our players could interact. We also quickly released our first digital adaptations of our board games after that. As a result, we all have enjoyed the growth of a thriving community for the past 15 years.

15 years is a long time though, especially in the digital space, and some of the online tools that were top-notch at the time start to show their age. This forum is a good illustration for example.

Since the acquisition of Days of Wonder by Asmodee in 2014, and the creation of Asmodee Digital on top of the Days of Wonder technologies, we have been busy at work on digital - with the release of 30 digital games on various platforms, the arrival of the Fantasy Flight Games community, etc.

We have now reached a point where we need your feedback.

Introducing the "Universal Profile" code-named project:

Here is the idea. All these apps, web sites and web services (including the Days of Wonder sites) now use a single account system, called (actually, the former Days of Wonder database). It now makes sense for all users to manage their account, and see everyone else in a consistent and unified manner. This is the "Universal Profile" project.

In terms of features, it is (for now) similar to the Days of Wonder profile but works across all Asmodee brands. Think of it as a (modest) equivalent of a or an Origin account.

We would like you to test the very first piece of it and tell us what you think. It is still preliminary, but already contains some nice features that were missing on the Days of Wonder website - like working great on mobile phones or showing your activity with your all Asmodee digital games!

How to try it? It very simple! Go to and log in with your usual login and password (remember, it's the same database!). Then browse your profile and check the features. And post your comments (good and bad) on this thread.

A glimpse of the future

What you see is only a first piece of a larger puzzle. The platform is intended to grow and allow the interactions inside the community on a larger scale. For example, it will allow us to move the Days of Wonder forums to something more modern. Or break the barriers between games by allowing players to communicate directly across games. The possibilities are endless.

But we can't do it without you, because we need to know if what we are working on so hard makes sense to you as a player and actually improves your experience with our games - whether they are digital or physical games!

So we thank you in advance for any little time you can spend looking at this and talking to us.

Go to, enjoy and post here!

Thanks again,

Yann Corno
Asmodee Digital CTO and Days of Wonder co-founder

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