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Memoir Ladder tournament - looking for new players Thu, 10 January 2019 07:53
The Memoir Ladder tournament on Vassal is looking for new recruits. Continuously going since 2008, the Ladder will enter its 72nd round soon.

Playing on Vassal is like playing a real board game across a very long table. All of the expansions are available -- all of the new units and terrain, all of the special actions and special rules, all of the different card decks and board formats are available. (We've even played Overlords in the tournament.) There’s no AI -– the players move the units and enforce the rules –- just as in the physical game. You can chat with your opponent. You can even watch other people while they play. So, it complements Memoir Online. It’s a chance to play more advanced scenarios that utilize your knowledge of the different expansions.

We play about 8 rounds per year -- about 6 weeks per round. In each round, you play one 2-game match against your opponent. Winners move up the Ladder. Losers move down. We usually play scenarios that can’t be done on Memoir Online.

The next round will be “Payagyi, Burma” from the Jungle & Desert expansion (with Combat cards).

We run the Ladder through a “Guild” on , which costs nothing to join. To learn more, go to

If you’re interested, PM me here, or send me a Geekmail on Boardgamegeek. (I'm sam1812 in both places.)

I hope to see you there.

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